YouTube Videos

Two videos on YouTube that might be of help to new paddlers.

A 22 second video of woman doing a paddling drill (on land). Notice where here hands are (outside of boat), rotation, pull...Click on this link: YouTube Rotation Land Drill

A 2.32 minute video to show rotation, hand positions, pulling, timing... Let it load once then replay (2nd time will be faster and wont need to be 'reloaded' onto your computer). Click on this link: Team Paddling Stoke Video

I have found 4 more videos that are very helpful for those wishing to correct their paddling stroke and technique:

Paddle stroke demo on land
Paddle stroke by a single male paddler in a
Paddle technique with a crew
Paddle stroke demo by a single girl

Remember - The video will stream slowly the first time, so wait until it finishes. The second time you play it, it will not stream so it will play beautifully. You can pause it when you want to take note of style etc. Please let me know if you have any good sites you want to have me put on here.

Courtesy: Nature Coast Dragon Boat Club

For those who are more adventurous, you can download a "YOUTUBE" video to your hard drive and play it over and over. You will first have to go to the youtube site to get the address(URL) of your video... then click this youtube videos and follow instructions.

To play the file you will have to rename it with a .FLV extension and download and install the FLV player. But once you've done it, you can download and play ANY youtube FLV player ...have fun.