KMDBC Membership Form for NEW members is available to download...just click on the required form.

When the "'File Download" box appears click on "Save" and save the file onto your computer. Once saved, open the file in "Word" and print it sure to set your paper size to "A4 210 x 291mm" otherwise it wont print evenly!

In addition to the forms, the club is required to also upload an individual photo to DBNSW-this will be required if you are a new member. So if you are reading this on a laptop, take the photo NOW (from top of your scone to your chest) and email it to


New Members:

KMDBC NEW Membership Form

Download this form, fill it in and bring it to the next paddling session. You will then receive documentation with instructions for you to register and pay your fees to DBNSW and KMDBC using our online database.

Any probs contact Sue Turner (0419603028)


All Members:

Paddling Information (1 page - 22kb)

Boat Safety Guidlines (1 Page - 36kb)

Swim Competency Test (1 page - 70kb)