Chronology of


  Aug-07 First thoughts on starting club  
  Sep-07 First enquiry on starting club  
  Nov-07 First Public Meeting  
  Jan-08 First Committee meeting
  Jan-08 First visit from DBNSW
  Mar-08 First President - Lyn Gleeson  
  Mar-08 First Vice-President - Deirdre Forshaw  
  Mar-08 First Secretary - Carmel Ball  
  Mar-08 First Treasurer, Coach and Sweep - Mark Bradney  
May-08 First Boat arrival  
Jun-08 First Dragon Boat on the Macleay - KMDBC  
Jun-08 First Boat launch  
  Jul-08 First official paddling session  
  Aug-08 First paddler to slip off seat - Kerrie Linden  
  Oct-08 First regatta - Grafton  
  Nov-08 First mullet in boat - Vivian Kyle  
  Dec-08 First Sweep bum dunk - Art Garwood  
  Dec-08 First xmas party - Cheers Cafe
  Dec-08 First personal award - Veronique Glatz
  Jan-08 First family membership - Scanlons (3)  
  Mar-09 First win (heat)- Taree  
  Mar-09 First Club trophy - 2nd place Taree  
  May-09 First International paddle - Hong Kong  
  Jun-09 First Sweep overboard - Maria Potter  
  Dec-09 First KMDBC regatta - Sue Heathcote
  Dec-09 First Sweep Award - Shirley Thring
  Dec-09 First Almost Award - Maria Potter
  Dec-09 First Ratchievement Award - The Committee
  Jan-10 First rat hat to be worn in boat - Mark Bradney
  Jan-10 First blood - Anna Kirk
  Jan-10 First paddler to slip out of the boat - Pamela Ball
  Jan-10 First water bottle overboard - Sue Hill
Mar-10 First accredited male sweep - Paul Scanlon
Apr-10 First female Regional Rep - Shirley Thring  
Apr-10 First male Regional Rep - Mark Bradney  
May-10 First boat purchased by the Club  
Jun-10 First accredited male sweep overboard- Paul Scanlon  
Jul-10 First intro of "IPPEP"  
Sep-10 First Club towable boat trailer  
Nov-10 First team Bronze Medal - Pan Pacs Gold Coast  
Nov-10 First Dragon Boat paddle at Gladstone  
Feb-11 First wedding anniversary (Stuart's Pt)- Caroline & Jeff  
Mar-11 First overseas Gold Medal - NZ  
Apr-11 First person to break a sweeps oar - Jim "Snappa" Corbett  
  May-11 First club movie "The Chant"t  
  Jul-11 First sweepless "4's" contest  
  Sep-11 First person overboard while paddling- Janelle Wooldridge  
  Oct-11 First 2km race - Grafton Regatta (2nd Place)  
  Jan-12 First flooded motel room - Tacoma - Jim & Brian  
  Jan-13 First Murray River paddle - on Falls Creek trip  
  Mar-13 First Dragon Boat Fishing- Stuarts Pt, 8 fish, 2 keepers  
  Apr-13 First Trophy Cabinet- at the Bowlo  
  Oct-13 First 7km race - Grafton Regatta (2nd Place)  
  Nov-14 First Most Gold Medals - (5) Masters Games Gold Coast  
  Dec-14 First Australian Paddlers - Mignon & Shirley  
  Oct-15 First Australian Masters Games - 5 Gold, 2 Silver, 2 Bronze  
  Nov-15 First Mens 8's Win - Forster, Mark, Ian, Bryan, Bernie, Pete, Phil, Trevor & Tai
  Aug-16 First Life Members - Deirdre & Mark  
  Sep-16 First Marquee Headache - Chereyll - Rats Regatta  
  Aug-17 First Person to disembark due to cold - Mark  
  Oct-17 First Person to acccidentally cause opposition capsize - Jan (Grafton)