Anna finally has a limited number of much sought after replacement innersoles for your paddling shoes in stock.

Port Regatta

Is an OPEN regatta. This means that intending members may attend this regatta. I would like to see 40 names down for this regatta so that we can have 2 mixed teams of equal strength and everyone will get a paddle...and we could finish 1 & 2. Closing date is May 20th, so please get your name in ASAP so that I can submit the entry form.

General Meeting

Will be held at the Bowlo, Thursday 2nd June, 7pm. All members are welcome with the usual snacks provided.

Morning Tea

Pammi Scano is having a Body Shop/Brekkie Party at Dee's Place next Saturday 21st at 9am after paddling.  Let Dee know if you can make it so she has an idea of how much yummy Brekkie to make...address :  308 Sales yard Rd. Kempsey...And as an added treat, there will be a screening of the "Urunga Experience" and "The Chant"- something not to be missed!

Urunga Regatta

This was another successful outing with the women winning their Division (as usual) and the Mixed being placed second. The Men could only field 8 in the 10's event which was too much of an ask to make the finals. Congratulations to all competitors on a great, enjoyable and fun-filled day.

Special thanks to busdriver (Snappa) Jim for getting us there and back and to all the club members who supported their fellow paddlers, it was great to see.

Also on this trip, the club made its first bus movie "The Chant".

Video Camera

Has been purchased by the club for training purposes to help improve paddler technique. It is also available to any club members who may need it for a special occasion - weddings, birthdays etc. Just send me an email and its yours for that special day.

Norco Caps

Norco Cash Caps Fundraising is a Community Cash Caps Programme and is finishing April 30th. So we have until June 30th 2011 to claim our money for the caps we have. If any members have any caps could they please bring them in ASAP.

Urunga Regatta

Everyone please ensure that your name is down for this regatta BEFORE you attend the Regatta session. On Saturday 14th, a "round the island" 6.5km race is happening...this will take about 40mins to complete. If you are interested submit your name asap. Over this distance, we will need a full mixed crew, drummer and sweep.

On Sunday 15th a club bus has been organised, leaving Busways depot at 6:00am sharp and travelling to Urunga via Smithtown. Cars can be left at the depot. All paddlers, partners and supporters are welcome. Cost is is $5 and brekky is provided. The bus should arrive back at the depot at around 6:00pm. Club bonding on the bus is a must!

Mother's Day Raffle

is happening and a raffle is being organised - again, this is a club fundraiser. Can all members please contribute something "Mother's Dayish" towards this raffle and drop it off to Vivian at Just Lingerie by Wednesday 4th May.

Pub Raffle

The same names are coming up for the Pub raffle roster. Can all members please volunteer and put their names down. - it shares the load!

Easter Raffle

Is on at the Smithtown Hotel on April 16th. Can all members please contribute something "Easterish" towards this raffle and drop it off to Vivian at Just Lingerie by Wednesday 13th.

Water Trials

Were held over the last 2 weekends. Well done to everyone who attended. Recognition must go to the top performers Trevor and Helen.

General Meeting

The next GM will be held at the Bowlo after paddling on Tuesday 29th March at 7:00pm.

Spray Jackets

Are now available, see Anna at Camping World, give her $20 and she will give you a club jacket.

Paddling Sessions

As discussed at the special general meeting on Feb 22nd, from next week all paddling sessions will be renamed. An email will be sent to all members explaining the new names. week's sessions wont be available to be accessed until next Monday due to system maintenance.

If you intend to put your name down for the Regatta Session, be sure it is also down for the Urunga Regatta!

Water Trials

Also discussed at the special general meeting on Feb 22nd, a more purposeful selection criteria needs to be introduced for regatta teams. The first of the water trials will be held on Saturday March 26th from 6:30am to 8:30am. You will need to buddy up with someone of similar weight. 4 paddlers will be tested every half hour. The "Sessions" page will be updated closer to the 26th to allow you to submit your names. This test will be repeated next Saturday.

Please note that the Coffee Club session start time has been amended to start at 8:30 am and there is no Torque Session.


The Rat machine keeps rolling on - and even overseas. 11 club paddlers combined with an Adelaide team and contested in the Womens and GM Mixed divisions in Wellington on the 19th March and came away with GOLD in the Mixed.

Taree Regatta

Please give Judy all the support possible as she is organising this regatta. Good luck to all particpating paddlers, keep the purple flag flying high, eyes on the prize and bring home the cheese!

Westport Challenge

After 2 years of trying to win this regatta, the team of 34 paddlers finally succeeded in the third attempt. Prizemoney was $600 and a perpetual trophy - which is proudly on display in Camping World. It was another great effort considering we were up against a strong Camden Haven team which consisted of last year's Regional paddlers.

Our team consisted of 3 paddlers competing in only their second regatta and 1 paddler competing in his first regatta. Congratulation to all paddlers on a display of a fitness, power, team bonding, spirit and support.

Paddling Sessions

Please note the contact for paddling cancellations for the next few weeks is Pam Madden wk/65620256 or h/65669077


A special meeting will be held at the Bowlo after paddling on Tuesday 22nd at 7:00pm to discuss and implement regatta selection criteria. If you cannot attend and wish to have a say, please direct your query to myself, Maria P or Pam M.

Club Sabbatical

It was suggested at the GM that a weekend be organised at Stuarts Point with the idea to include camping for the weekend, eating and perhaps drinking! (and of course paddling on the river somewhere in between). This weekend is all go.

As the boat needs to be transported, it will be in Macksville till 3pm on Saturday 26th and can thus be easily dropped off at Stuarts point .... so this is the mooted weekend. The holiday park (ph 6569-0616) has cabins available at about $76/night - sleeps 5, no farters, no snorers....and you should hurry as there are only 3 left!, also there are camping sites behind the cabins.

Pub Raffle

The pub raffle container and tickets are to be left in our club lockers and not at the pub. Also a helper is needed for 26th February.

Westport Challenge

The first regatta for the year will be at Port - Westport Challenge, Feb 20. MEN particularly are wanted, so get your name down ASAP. Please be in front of Westport Bowling Club no later than 10:00am.

Please Note: If you submit your name on the regatta list for this regatta and you do not attend the majority of "Torque Sessions", you will be regarded as a reserve. (at this stage, men are exempt).


Need somewhere secure to store all your passwords, try these free sites: - stores your passwords on an internet site and your computer. - stores your passwords on software on your computer.

Spray Jackets

The club has recd a grant for spray jackets, please go to Camping World and try out your size by Wednesday 9th Feb

General Meeting

Will be held at the Bowlo, Thursday 27th Jan, 7:00pm. All members are welcome, its your club so come along have a say and see what goes on behind the scenes - you even get a feed!

Australian Club Championships

Will be held in Canberra, Friday April 1st to Sunday 3rd...more info click here ....This is a major event and will require a big committment, particularly training, from all who wish to attend...I am asking for nominations NOW and have set the closing date for January 23rd. We will also be required to provide our own sweep.


Check this one here and get earthed!

Paddling Sessions

The last paddling session for the year will be our Xmas Paddle on the 23rd and will recommence on January 4th.

The Torque session is for those paddlers who DON'T want to use their mouths to paddle. It will be a tough hard workout to develop fitness, endurance and power. It will be on Tuesdays at 17:30 x 1.5hrs and will carry on to the end of January, when it will all start to happen!

Anti Virus

Anyone who wants a FREE antivirus program from Microsoft click here to download. It has good reviews, full version with automatic updates.

Our Regatta

Well done to all paddlers who particpated, the results speak for themselves. Particular thanks to all the volunteers - boat wranglers, crew marshalls, race starters, time keepers, ticket sellers, admin co-ordinators, traffic cops and equipment suppliers on making this a very happy, successful and profitable day. And we must not forget God, for making it shine on our regatta...thanks old sun.

Paddling Sessions

The last paddling session of the year will be the 23rd and will recommence on the 4th January.

For the next 2 Tuesdays at 5:30pm x 1.5 hrs a "Torque Session" (and you wish it was spelt differently) will be held. This session is for those who want to do some really hard endurance paddling.

Christmas Party

and Presentation Night! - the club's biggest night of the year... became the biggest hoot of the was great to see nearly all club members and a few partners attend this friendly get-together. This year, an unpredented 10 awards were presented:

Most Consistent Paddler : Anna Kirk
Almost Most Consistent Paddler : Maria Potter
Sweep Award : Paul Scanlon
Rookie of the Year : Rosemary Norris
Clubperson of the Year : Jim Corbett
Paddlers Paddler : Anna Kirk
Encouragement Awards: Julie Farrell & Cathy Turnbull
Best Team Wrangler : Charles DeBono
Best Cake Maker : Nanna Kyle

Congrats to all recipients and to all those who received "alternate" awards...and...could the person who left the keyboard behind, please pick it up!

Aqua Shoes

Anna has been able to source replacement innersoles for our AC'c (aqua shoes), which she has been asked about many times...Please let her know what sizes you want, as the company has minimum order requirements...Email

Bumper Stickers

The new club bumper sticker will be available here to view....send me an email with how many you want...they are free!

Regatta Clean Up

We have arranged a clean up of the river bank in conjunction with Clean Up Australia this Saturday 4th. Time 8am to 9.30 am. Place – on the riverbank below Woolies. Please bring gloves, and the usual weather protection. Those on the 7.30 am paddle be prepared to have a short paddle then paddle down to the meeting spot.

Christmas Party

and Presentation Night! - the club's biggest night of the year... The date has been set for Saturday night 5pm, Dec 4th at Pam & Wills at 822 Sherwood Rd, here for map.

This invitation is to all paddlers, spouses, partners and friends to come along let you hair down, dance, chew and spew. Bring a tent or van if you wish to stay the night...also bring a chair and something to drink, all food and entertainment (the LIVE ceremonial pig is now trussed and ready) is provided...for catering purposes include your name and friends on the SESSIONS page.

And.....the theme is "HEADWEAR" !...also bring your togs if you wish to swim.

NewsFLASH: It was propoed at the last General Meeting that a $5 p/person fee be applied to the xmas party. As this proposal was passed, it therefore must be honoured....also, you might want to bring your galoshes!

TIP: Want to avoid a hangover or terrible headache? Eat a few cucumber slices before going to bed and wake up refreshed and headache free. Cucumbers contain enough sugar, B vitamins and electrolytes to replenish essential nutrients the body lost, keeping everything in equilibrium, avoiding both a hangover and headache!!

AND: Out of WD 40 and need to fix a squeaky hinge? Take a cucumber slice and rub it along the problematic hinge, and voila, the squeak is gone!


Money is collected every session for various activities, items, payments etc. Please ensure to tag (an envelope is good) any money that you are handing in with your name, amount and what it's for .... it just makes life a lil easier for those who run the club.


Please be sure to check the EMAILS link (above) every so often, as there maybe something of interest.

Regional Squad

Invitation to all paddlers wishing to join the DBNSW Northern Regional Team for Nationals 2011...see EMAILS above for more info.

Body Shop Party

This is not a fundraiser but just an opportunity for people to order any stuff and Chrissy presents. It’s bring a chair, plate and drink to Pam Scanlon's house: 627 Temagog Rd., Saturday 27th, 2pm.

Smithtown Come & Try

SMITHTOWN BOAT TRIP -come and try day: Sunday 28/11/2010, Be ready to paddle at 10am at Smithtown, meet at the pub at 9.30-9.45; Jim will transport boat to the pub.

Bronze, Bronze, Bronze

The Pan Pacific Masters Games produced the clubs finest hour with a 3rd and bronze medal in the Grand Masters Women's Final. This was an even extraordinary result as the winning team consisted of national paddlers and the 2nd placed team was a NSW Regional selection. Our club competed in nearly its own right - we had 3 paddlers from Taree, and only missed out on 2nd place by a fifth of a second. Congratulations to all paddlers and supporters on this great achievement and a fantastic weekend on the Gold Coast....and I won a gold medal in soccer.

Charity Fashion Parade

This is to raise money for the Macleay Valley Home Hospice....Saturday Nov 6th, 2pm Anglican Hall. More info available from Just Lingerie, K & A Boutique and Arcade Shoes.


Went off without a hitch!...thanks to raffle ticket sales on the night and leading up to the night plus a silent auction and event ticket sales, initial estimates of +$3000 will be donated to Camp Quality.

Pan Pacs - Gold Coast

A training day for this regatta has been organised for Sunday 31st at 10:00am. As paddlers from Taree will be attending this session, it is compulsory for all paddlers to attend. If there is a problem, send me an email.

You have until the 29th to register for this event. If more names are not received we will have to forfiet the 50+ Womens 200m & 500m Divisions.


Dont be disappointed, get in quick!!!..Our club is assisting CAMP QUALITY (kids with cancer) by having the above on October 30th, 6:30pm at the Bowlo. Tickets will be $35 and available from Compleat Angler - 28 Belgrave St., and includes a 2 course dinner and dancing band. A major raffle will be held and ALL members will be issued raffle tickets to sell to raise funds for this organisation.

Could everyone please return all sold or unsold tickets by Thursday 28th.

Melbourne Cup

Mary, from Smokey Cape Retreat, asked one of our paddlers if they wanted to get a table of paddlers together for the Melbourne Cup...all welcome...time 11.45 for 12, the cost $30.00...if you are interested, send me an email.

Grafton Regatta

Another great weekend was had by all!...the swear jar is nearly full with $230 for next year from the onboard auction, forgetting and of course %**#@ing.

The Womens team had a perfect score of 1st in both heats and were beaten by a dragons tongue by an extemely younger Grafton team in the final. Our team included 4 paddlers in their first real regatta and everyone accredited themselves to the max.

We were unlucky in the Mixed due to another boat taking us out in the 2nd heat. Full credit to Sue who saved the crew from capsizing and injury due to her evasive action, and who was injured herself but was still able to steer the boat in the Womens final.

Paddling Sessions

The 16:30 sessions are not being patronised. If a sweep makes a committment to sweep at these sessions then they should be supported. If this doesn't happen, these sessions will be scrapped!

Grafton Regatta

The bus is booked and all is go!, leaving Busways at 10am sharp. Lunch will be provided. You can leave your car at the depot lockup overnight. Please make sure that you have paid for your accommodation.. AND for $40 you will get a ride, a feed and a paddle...($10 bus + $20 regatta entry fee + $10 Chinese Smorgo Saturday night) BUT if you are not paddling it will only be $20 - payable when you get on the bus and not before!


Just a reminder that all sessions go ahead inspite of the weather. The only time that a session is cancelled is due to insufficient paddlers, lightening or very strong winds. RAIN is not a deterrant. And please, if you cannot make a session, let someone know so that your seat can be re-allocated.

Breakfast & Bras

BOOK IN FOR BREAKFAST, AND BRING YOUR OLD BRAS....Smithtown Hotel is having a fundraising breakfast for Breast Cancer this Sunday (17th) at 9 am.

Vivian is also collecting old Bras and will have a bin at the Hotel for collection, so clean out those drawers (pun) and bring in your Bras...If you would like to book a table for breakfast Ph. Vivian on 65625911.

If you can't make it to breakfast, drop your Bras in at JUST LINGERIE.

Crescent Hd Markets

Thanks to eveyone who helped out at the markets. Unfortunately the weather was very unkind and $62 was raised. Maybe next time the weather will be more favourable.

General Meeting

is on Thursday Sept. 30 at the Bowlo after paddling at 6:00pm. All members, especially new members, are welcome, so come along, see what's happening and have a say - its your club!...and tucker will be provided.

Mylestom Regatta

This was our first appearance at this regatta and an enjoyable day has hopefully had by all. Our best result was 3rd in the Womens final, and considering we paddled with 17 and initiated 2 of our newer members and were up against 3 other full crews, this was a job well done!

But wait there's more.....myself and Jim competed in a combined Mens 10's team and took out 1st place in the final and to celebrate we bought $10 worth of raffle tickets (from club funds) and won $30 for the club.

And even more....congrats to Joka Viney and Sue Heathcote in passing their sweep accreditation at Mylestom. The report is that finally there are credible assessors who are more concerned in passing people rather than failing them! So please consider becoming a sweep and share the load.


Intense Personal Paddling Exercise Program will begin on October 5th at 5:30pm. This will follow on from the first program that was completed on September 18th. An email will be sent next week to ALL club members outlining this program and you will be required to reply if you wish to participate.

This will be a closed session every Tuesday for 10 weeks (the session is only open to those who responded) and is limited to 20 paddlers. It also involves participation in an exercise program-at home, 3 times per week.

An invitation email has been sent to all members, if you didnt get it click here and I will send it to you again.

Crescent Hd Markets

Keep all that stuff that you were about to abandon and bring it along to the stall on Sunday October 3rd. Its a great money spinner with all proceeds going to the club. Helpers, of course, will be required on the day. For more info contact Debbie.

Development Program

This program recently commenced in Sydney under the leadership of George Louie with the goal of assisting DBNSW members who wish to step up to reach their full potential as a dragon boat paddler and the North Coast region now has the opportunity to be part of a this Program. More info is in EMAILS.

Membership Forms

The new DBNSW Membership Form is now available. ALL members are required to print out and fill in this 7 page form and return it to Deirdre. When all forms are received they are sent in bulk to Sydney. This can be a tedious or efficient task depending on you! So pull the finger out and click here and get to work...also can those members who have paid their membership and not submitted a club membership form, please do so. All forms are available via the FORMS link on this site.

Next week, 13th September, all received forms will be forwarded to Sydney. If you have not returned your form then YOU have the problem.

Relay For Life

6 - 8 volunteers are needed to serve lunch 1pm - 3pm....Saturday 18th Sept... please let Dee know if you can go.

Macksville Training Day

Will be happening on Saturday 4th of September at the NEW TIME of 12:00pm. The host club is Coffs Coast. This is a good opportunity to paddle with other clubs and get a few more paddling tips from George Louie (State and Australian Coach since 2003). Please submit your name via "Regattas" asap as entries close on 20th August...and again, we must support our North Coast clubs!...For more info click here

New Zealand

Debbie will be available from 5-6pm at the Bowlo this Thursday 2nd Sep to take bookings for the Ibis Motel and also answer any questions concerning Wellington.

Smithtown Pub Raffle

More people are needed to come forth and put down their names on the roster to keep this raffle going. It has already helped pay for the trailer. Last week the butcher donated 2 of the meat trays! extract the digit and fill the roster - anyone can do the raffle, they dont have to be club members...even if you are a single, put your name down and someone will help you out.

New Members Session

This session is for new members and recently joined members who need to know more about the elements of the paddling stroke and dragon boating in general. So please patronise this session to keep it going. I will need a few experienced paddlers to also be there.

Camden Haven Regatta

9 heats and 3rd in the Mixed Final = about 3km of paddling! was a great day and well done to all paddlers who attended. The club initiated 2 paddlers onto the regatta scene, Sue Bryon and Rosemary Norris, who acquitted themselves in ALL races with the skills of veterans!

Next ragatta is Coffs, so get those names down!...and if you need accommodation for Grafton, contact Deirdre by the end of the month or you will have to make your own arrangements.


Yes, its that time of year...regos are now due!...the committee has decided to again cap this years rego at $120 despite another increase in DBNSW regos...and as last year, there is a sweetner: if you pay by 31st July you will be allowed 5 free paddling sessions! (I can feel the ground tremble from the stampede)...also please download and fill out the Renewal Membership form or New Membership form via the "FORMS" link.

Boat Trailer

Is nearly ready...a big thanks to Jim who took on the job and organised his mate, Kevin, to produce the final result. First pics in "Photos".

Gold Coast Regatta

As this regatta approaches, I assume that all names submitted are going. This is vital as teams will need to be finalised and additional paddlers sought if needed. So if you have had a change of heart, notify me immediately.

Come & Try Day

Sunday August 8th 11-1pm. Not sure how many new paddlers will turn up, but each will need an experienced paddler beside them, so come along and enjoy the day - morning tea provided. This was a great success with 40 new paddlers attending and hopefully some will be joining our club. Many thanks to all club members who attended and enjoyed this fun day. The raffle made $84 for the club.


Is on Sunday August 1st at 11:00am at the RSL club. All Executive and Committee positions will become vacant. Any Club Members wishing to apply for any position should submit their application to the Secretary no later than August 29th. A General Meeting will follow. All members are invited to attend.

3 Rivers Mini-Marathon

Is on August 8th starting at Telegraph here for more info.

Regional Squad

The first training session for the Mid North Coast Squad will be held at Port Macquarie Marina on Sunday at 9.30 to 10.00am on the water. Paddlers MUST be there by 9.30am to warm up and need to bring a change of clothes, at least two bottles of water, jelly beans/babies/glucose tablets, and a positive attitude. If you are not there for warm up, you may not be permitted to participate in that session.

For those paddlers who have already submitted their expression of interest, there is no need for you to reply however any other paddlers need to email Alison Haylett ASAP.

Camden Haven Regatta

Entries close for this regatta on July 25th. We must support our fellow club's regattas. So come along and get your names in.


Following the first session last Sunday, the IPPEP group has decided that all future sessions will be on Saturday at 6:30am OTW. Please park in the Bowlo's carpark to avoid noise.

Linen Party

You are invited to a "Lorraine Lea Linen Party" on Sunday July 25th at 10:30am. Proceeds will go to to KMDBC to be raffled. The morning tea and linen demonstartion will be held at 2 Albert St. Kempsey. Contact is Caroline on 0432529863. Please come along and bring your friends!


Intense Personal Paddling Excercise Program - from the emails of response, this program will start on Sunday July 18th at 9:00am. Please wear your club paddling shirt or singlet - this will be standard dress for every IPPEP seesion.

There are still vacancies in this program so send me an email if you wish to join. A bulk email outlining the program was sent to all members. If you did not receive it, check your spam filters as no email addresses were rejected. If you did not get this email, contact me and I will send it again.

At this stage, the preferred day for the majority of paddlers is Sunday morning. This will be further discussed and we will set a day and time in concrete on Sunday.


Intense Personal Paddling Excercise Program - its a mouthful and its on its way. IPPEP will be an 8 week program for those who want more!. I will need at least 10 paddlers to kick off the program which will include 1 intense paddling session per week. This session will have to be either Sunday morning or afternoon as this seems the only day suitable for full attendance.

More detailed information will be emailed to all members later this week. The planned start is July 18th.


The club has purchased a laptop to assist the Secretary to carry out her duties and also is a central storage point for club documents, policies and forms.

Mid North Coast Squad

There is a proposal to establish a Mid North Coast (MNC) Dragon Boat Squad to be made up of paddlers from Kempsey, Port Macquarie, Camden Haven, Taree and Forster to train and paddle together to enhance the performance of these paddlers and to raise the profile of dragon boat paddling on the MNC of NSW.

To get this underway without too much delay, an initial planning meeting on Sunday 4 July at Laurieton United Services Club at 11am. Please let me know if you can attend or if you cannot but would like to attend. Read "Emails" for more info.

Welcome Back

Thanks...and hope all have been paddling their little butts off!...Malaysia was yet another experience with another club - Newcastle Hunter (who were very welcoming). The team contested in Womens, Mixed and Mens 10's. In international competition a team can have 12 men in a mixed boat - we had 10, nevertheless the best result was 4th in the women's final. Given that we had at least 20 years on ALL teams (thus we were the oldest by far), this was a credible result.